Concord Piecemakers Community Service

Concord Piecemakers is a 501(c) organization.

February Quiltathon

Our annual February meeting is devoted to creating quilts which will provide comfort to those in homeless shelters, cancer patients, victims of fire and domestic crises, and other folks in need of a “Quilter’s Embrace.” Those quilts which are not finished during our day-long Quiltathon are passed to our comfort quilt groups which meet once a month.

The guild supplies lunch (deli sandwiches and a fruit platter, coffee, tea and water) and we ask you to bring something to share for dessert or snack or a side dish. We also ask you to bring a finished quilt top (any size, though twin bed, lap quilts and kids quilts are in
demand), at the Quiltathon it will be either tied or quilted. Please bring an appropriate backing so we can finish it! Feel welcome to bring a friend/relative/stranger who wants to help. Stay all day or only for an hour, we take whatever time you are able to give.
In brief, please bring:
1) A quilt top with an appropriate backing. Please measure the top and pin the size to the two pieces. You can tie them together.
2) A dish to share with a bunch of hungry quilters
3) Your name tag for those of us who are too old to remember names
4) Your smile
If you don’t get the top finished, we will accept you anyway, but we need the top. Try using colors you never use, you’ll never see it again. Try a new pattern.

Comfort Quilts

Throughout the year, members meet to work together on Comfort Quilts. Fabric is donated by members and by helpful quilt shops. Groups meet either in the morning or evenings on a monthly basis. Also, kits are made up and completed by the rest of the membership at home. Between the Quiltathon quilts and those made by the comfort quilt groups during the year, 150 to 170 quilts annually are donated to charity.

We meet twice monthly to tie quilts. Please see the latest newsletter to determine the meeting days, times, and places.

Comfort Quilt Sizes
  • Wheelchair, 36” x 45”
  • Lap, 48” x 60”
  • Twin, 57” x 82” (based on an 8” drape over the mattress, like a coverlet)

We rarely need quilts bigger than this, although welcome them if you are so inclined. Full/Queen size quilts are lovely for donating as a raffle prize. Please, nothing smaller than wheelchair size as we really have no need for them.

Click here for quilt assembly instructions

Contact Person – Eileen Ryan

Sewing Kits

We are putting together sewing kits for those in need. Please contact Tina van Roggen or Suzanne Knight  if you can donate any of the following items:

medium size tins, scissors (any size), thread, buttons, needles and pins, safety pins, measuring tape, bobbins – any style with or without thread

Emerson Pediatrics Pillowcases

We currently assembling 100 pillowcases.  Contacts for pediatric pillow cases are Nanette Moffa and Sue Colwell. Click here for pillowcase instructions

Community Recipients

Would you like to help with one of our community service projects? Below are just some of the organizations we support. There is one which fits just about anyone’s favorite charity or stash!

Naka Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital
Emerson Hospital Pediatrics Wing
Emerson Hospital Special Nursery
Bedford VA Hospital
Household Goods
Add Another Recipient

If you are a member of the Concord Piecemakers and would like to add another organization to support, please make out the following form and submit it to our current Outreach Committee Chairperson.

Comfort Quilt Request Form

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