Here is a list of the 2022-2023 monthly meetings, workshops, and other activities.  All dates and times are subject to change.

In-person meetings are held at Harvey Wheeler Community Center, at the corner of Main Street (Rt. 62) and Church Street in West Concord.  Meetings begin at 7:15pm and will be cancelled whenever Concord Public Schools are closed due to bad weather.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022: Ice Cream Social

Summer, 2022
A Mystery Quilt group will be offered with weekly sewing clues so that by the end of the summer you have learned how to make a new quilt. Keep sewing all summer!

September 21, 2022:  Marge Tucker
Improv and Abstractions in Antique Quilts

Sept. 24, 2022:   Unmarked—Contemporary Walking Foot Quilting Workshop  with Marge Tucker
You can do so much innovative quilting JUST with your walking foot! I will show you my method of quilting with your walking foot that involves little or no marking but still results in spectacular quilting.
I start with the basics, such as batting choices, thread, needles and how to secure the quilting stitches. Then, we start quilting with straight lines and move to curved quilting lines and spirals
on your practice quilt sandwiches. For both the straight line and curved quilting, I will show you many designs and variations you can use to great effect. I will also have some of my quilts as
examples, including “Burst” which received the award Best Machine Quilting (Frameless) at QuiltCon 2019. This class will change the way you think about your walking foot!
See Carol MacFarlane for signup.

October 19, 2022: Kathie Beltz
Secrets from the Judge’s Chambers

November 4 and 5, 2022: Quilt Show
Friday 9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM
St. Matthews United Methodist Church
435 Central Street, Acton, Ma 01720

November 16, 2022: Tina Craig
EPP vs. FPP: The Showdown

Nov. 19, 2022: Michelle Banton, Gemstones Workshop

December 13, 2022: via Zoom TBD

January  2023: Getaway!

January 18, 2023: via Zoom TBD

Feb. 15, 2023: via Zoom TBD

March15, 2023: via Zoom TBD

March 4, 2023: Pat Delaney Workshop
Building a visual vocabulary (100 free motion quilting patterns)

April 19, 2023: in person TBD

May 17, 2023: Barbara Weis—Trunk Show

June 14, 2023: In person, Ice Cream Social


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