Here is a list of the 2017-18 monthly meetings, workshops, and other activities.  All dates and times are subject to change.

September 27, 2017:  Lynne Tyler – How I Get from A to B (the evolution of ideas). Lynn will talk about how the ideas she gets turn into original quilts – how she gets from A to B. How to start with an idea, play with it, push it around, turn it on its head, and make a quilt from that. She’ll talk about how sometimes she takes a detour, and sometimes she changes direction completely. Sometimes she makes the same basic design two or three times, but makes it different each time.  See  Lynne’s blog:

September 30, Saturday Workshop,  9:00-3:30St. John’s Lutheran Church, Sudbury

Come spend a day with Lynne Tyler and learn how to make your own flock of improvisationally pieced birds.  Learn new ways to look at your fabrics in order to create birds with attitude and wings that sing.  Once you make your first bird, you are off to the races.  It’s great fun and very addictive.  For more Bird Inspiration, check out Lynne’s blog:

To register for the workshop, contact  Carol MacFarlane.

October 13-14, 2017:  Biennial Quilt Show. For more  information, see our Quilt show page.

October 18, 2017:  Kathy Graves — The Alternative Grid in Modern Quilts.  Alternative Grid is an important concept used frequently by modern quilters. Kathy will go in depth into how quilts can be assembled easily, how to make blocks look like they are floating, and other ways modern quilters break the traditional quilt grid concept.

November 15, 2017:  Marge Tucker.   Marge Tucker will bring us a  “Trunk Show”.  She is a modern art quilter who has many quilts that have appeared in the more recent Gwen Marston books, Minimal Quiltmaking” and “Free Range “Triangles”.  She will show us actual quilts as well as a few in a Power Point presentation.  See Marge’s website:

December 13, 2017:  Holiday Party

January 17, 2018: Arlan & Pat Christ  “100 Years of Quilting” covers the period of quilting from 1930 through 1930.  The presentation includes approximately 30 antique quilts that represent style and format changes during this time period.  The history of quilts and the quiltmakers provides an interesting journey through a very difficult time during the growth of our young country.

February 24, 2018: Quiltathon

March 21, 2018: Carol Anne Grotrian —Quilts with a View:  New Landscape Traditions The lecture touches on the appearance of landscape in antique quilts, as well as looking at diverse views and viewpoints of contemporary quilters. The presentation includes some of Carol’s quilts.

April 18th, 2018:  Diane Beaman  – Sew Many Threads: Lecture & Trunk Show. Learn about various kinds of thread, how to select the right thread for an application, and get some tips on eliminating frustration with those fussy decorative threads. My trunk show quilts will inspire you to use all kinds thread from matte finish, to shiny, to sparkly. Find out more on my website

April 19th, 2018, Thursday Workshop, by Diane Beaman –
Branching Out Students create a small landscape with tree/s or branches in the foreground. Techniques you will learn include free curved piecing, couching, no-reverse fusible appliqué, and (time permitting) thread art. This fun “no pattern” class is great for anyone who wants to be a little more creative. Teacher provides her stash materials for couching and a lot of tree photos for inspiration.

May 16, 2018:   Annual Meeting

June 13 , 2018:  Year-End Show and Tell

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