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This month’s Guild Meeting: Wednesday, January 13, 2020
Location: via Zoom

Time: 7:15, with socializing starting at 6:45
Program: Kathryn Pellman
Fashionista in quarantine: A chronicle of how quilting frames and tells the story of my real and imagined life along with my fun filled journey and love of story-telling that took me from fashion design to traditional, hand-pieced miniatures to quilts to sleep under to cartoon quilts to word salad, girlfriends and fashionistas to angry women and everything that influenced me and happened along the way.  https://www.kathrynpellman.com/

The Zoom link for the meeting is in the newsletter.  If you are not a member and would like to join our meeting as a guest, please contact our president, Carol MacFarlane, at president@concordpiecemakers.org, and she will send you the link.
Show and Tell: if you have one or more quilts for show and tell, please email the photos to Carol MacFarlane. She  will “Share” them to the screen, so that we can get a much better view of
them than if you were to hold them up in front of your computer camera.



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